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Daily Field Report

Date :07/30/2021
Project No :2021C073
Client Company :DR Horton West
Arrival Time :07/30/2021 09:00
Onsite Hours :10:30
Name of the Project :Tributary C2A
Project Location :Riverside Parkway, City of Douglasville, GA
Weather :Sunny
Departure Time :07/30/2021 19:30
ASEC Technician Name :Christopher Burrow II


As requested, a ASEC Inspector was present at the above referenced site for the purpose of observing the placement of structural fill at the area of lots 440 through 445 approximate size 20 feet by 210 feet. Based on review of guidelines for fill placement, the required compaction for structural fill at the above mentioned area is 95% of Standard Proctor.

Based on visual observation and field measuring, the fill was placed in 12 inch thick lifts and compacted using a CAT 815F, sheepsfoot compactor (weight; 45,757 lbs.). Based on density testing, the fill placed today at elevations between approximately -3 feet and -0 feet below finished grade was compacted according to fill placement guidelines. See attached density test results for more details. 

A proof-roll was observed on the area of lots 440 through 458. The proof-roll was conducted using a loaded CAT 740B off-road haul truck (weight; 163087 lbs.). The proof-roll passed without any discrepancies.

Fill was observed being mined from the south-east side of the retention pond; the excavation pit from this mining is to be used to shape fill slopes from material on job site deemed unsuitable for structural fill areas.

ASEC recommended sealing of the surface of placed fill from inclement weather and maintain positive drainage through out the site.

The contractor was notified about results.

Technician Signature / DateChristopher Burrow II, July 30, 2021
Reviewer Name / DateRamchandra Mogulla, March 29, 2023