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Daily Field Report

Date :08/10/2021
Project No :2021C074
Client Company :DR Horton West
Arrival Time :08/10/2021 07:30
Onsite Hours :08:30
Name of the Project :Oakhurst Glen - Ph 4
Project Location :Mallord Drive, South Fulton, GA
Weather :Partly cloudy
Departure Time :08/10/2021 16:00
ASEC Technician Name :Christopher Burrow II


An ASEC technician was present at the above mentioned job site as requested. Fill preparations such as, moving mulch, scraping top soil, and removing organics from structural fill areas were observed. It was also observed that preparations for drilling and blasting on site for larger areas of rock have begun including, but not limited to, moving soil to make boulders accessible to drill rig. Rock continued to be moved into place in deep fill areas on site to be covered with structural fill.

Technician Signature / DateChristopher Burrow II, August 10, 2021
Reviewer Name / DateRamchandra Mogulla, September 07, 2021