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Daily Field Report

Date :11/11/2021
Project No :2021C073
Client Company :DR Horton West
Arrival Time :11/11/2021 11:30
Onsite Hours :03:00
Name of the Project :Tributary C2A
Project Location :Riverside Parkway, City of Douglasville, GA
Weather :Partly cloudy
Departure Time :11/11/2021 14:30
ASEC Technician Name :Christopher Burrow II


As requested, an ASEC Inspector was present at the above referenced site for the purpose of observing the placement of structural fill at the area of storm drain behind Lots #441 through 451 (area approximate size 25 feet by 200 feet). Based on review of guidelines for fill placement, the required compaction for structural fill at the above-mentioned area was 95 % of standard proctor. Based on visual observation and field measuring, the fill was placed in 8- to 12-inch-thick lifts and compacted using a CAT CP44b sheepsfoot compactor (weight; 16,471 lbs.). Based on density testing, the fill placed today at depth between approximately -1 feet and -0 feet below finished grade was compacted according to fill placement guidelines. See attached density test results for more details.

The undersigned ASEC Inspector was on site, on the above date, for the purpose of general site monitoring and assessment of contractor and subcontractor activities. The following are observations that were made at this time:

-Excavation continued in the above-mentioned area.

-Continued pipe laying in the above-mentioned area.

ASEC recommends sealing of the surface of placed fill from inclement weather and to maintain positive drainage.

The contractor was notified about results. 

Technician Signature / DateChristopher Burrow II, November 11, 2021
Reviewer Name / DateKenneth Mosman, December 15, 2021