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Daily Field Report

Date :11/23/2021
Project No :2021C070
Client Company :CCG Constructors LLC (Century)
Arrival Time :11/23/2021 8:00
Onsite Hours :03:00
Name of the Project :Harmony Heights
Project Location :Mt. Olive Road at Brentwood Drive, Commerce, GA
Weather :Sunny
Departure Time :11/23/2021 11:00
ASEC Technician Name :Ramchandra Mogulla


On November 23, 2021, Ram Mogulla of AS ENGINEERING AND CONSULTING, LLC (ASEC) visited the site at the contractor’s request to observe proofrolling of of all of the roadways within the planned neighborhood except the two entrances to the neighborhood. These areas at the entrance need additional work before they can be assessed.

Proofrolling with a loaded, tandem axle dump truck revealed no significant rutting or deflection except in a area about 20 by 30 feet in the vicinity of Lot #1 and another area in the vicinity of Lot #7.  In these areas, slight vertical movement was observed possibly due to moisture trapped in the top 12 inches.  We recommend opening up this area to a depth of 10 inches and allowing it to aerate before being compacted back in place.  This area was discussed with the contractor.  The area should then be acceptable for the placement of the planned pavement.

The undersigned later observed and verified the recommendations were followed. The area is now acceptable for further construction.

Technician Signature / DateRamchandra Mogulla, November 23, 2021
Reviewer Name / DateKenneth Mosman, January 24, 2022