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Daily Field Report

Date :08/31/2022
Project No :2022C128
Client Company :Century
Arrival Time :08/31/2022 13:00
Onsite Hours :03:00
Name of the Project :Sidney Square, Flowery Branch
Project Location :Flowery Branch
Weather :Sunny
Departure Time :08/31/2022 16:00
ASEC Technician Name :


Our ASEC representative arrived on-site today to observe the soil placement and the installation of the sanitary line along the street in front of Lots #3,4,5 and 6.  One compaction test was performed on the storm drain located between Lots #16 & 17. The results are noted below:


Test #1

47 feet from storm drain manhole

Wet Density: 121.0 pcf

Dry Density: 102.5 pcf

Moisture Content: 18.1%

Compaction = 100% (meeting job specifications)

Technician Signature / DateVidal Dias, August 31, 2022
Reviewer Name / DateKenneth Mosman, October 23, 2022