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Daily Field Report

Date :04/28/2022
Project No :2022C128
Client Company :Century
Arrival Time :04/28/2022 08:30
Onsite Hours :04:00
Name of the Project :Sidney Square, Flowery Branch
Project Location :Flowery Branch
Weather :59 Degrees, Cloudy
Departure Time :04/28/2022 12:30
ASEC Technician Name :Rasheen Biggins


The site was visited by the undersigned AS Engineering and Consulting (ASEC) representative for the purpose of providing quality control inspection and testing services. Visual observation techniques were employed to assure compliance with project drawings/specifications, applicable codes, and materials submittals. The following observations were made on site today.

Upon arrival our ASEC representative found work was already in progress with the contractor completing a 3-foot lift from yesterday. After the lift was completed, our ASEC noticed that the lift placed was to thick and the contractors removed one foot from the top. A proof-roll was performed along the curbside of Gainesville Rd.  Mr. Ram Mogulla P.E. of ASEC was present for the proof-roll. The proof-roll was performed along the deceleration lane. Several zones of deflection were observed on the westside of the decel lane close to Mcever Rd. Overall removal of 6 inches may be required for the entire decel lane. Ram Mogulla P.E. of ASEC recommended removal and replacement of 2ft material starting at the northwest of the decel lane heading south to the existing manhole alongside Gainsville Rd. The material will be replaced with structural fill and compacted. In addition, the entire decel lane will require removal and replacement with structural fill in the top 6 inches. The length of the manhole location to the end of remediation is approximately 152ft in length x 4in in depth.

Technician Signature / DateRasheen Biggins, April 28, 2022
Reviewer Name / DateKenneth Mosman, November 13, 2022