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Daily Field Report

Date :01/14/2023
Project No :2021C002
Client Company :CW Matthews
Arrival Time :01/14/2023 7:30
Onsite Hours :06:00
Name of the Project :Runway 9L End Around Taxiway
Project Location :HJAIA
Weather :cloudy
Departure Time :01/14/2023 13:30
ASEC Technician Name :Aminullah Azimi


As requested, the site was visited by the AS Engerineering and Consulting (ASEC) representative noted above, for the purpose of providing quality control inspection and testing services, visual observation techniques were employed to assure compliance with project drawing/specifications,

applicable codes, and materials submittals. the following observations were observed on site this day.

Contractor continued work backfill over 30″ diameter pipe. water line between storm structures S-5 & S-6 or between STA 7003+05 to STA 7003+70,

At the time of arrival, the contractor already placed one lift of fill above the pipe. The M10 sand at depths about 2 feet below finished grade were compacted using a single drum compactor.

Density testing was performed using a Troxler nuclear gauge (#3430, serial #85759). 

Tests result indicated that the compacted material met project requirement of 95% of the maximum dry density obtained by the (Standard Proctor ASTM 698). 

Density testing result:

P-9 proctor-120.8@11.3%

T1-elevation -2 feet from finish grade. Yd 116.9 M%9.5, Compaction: 96.8 %

T2-elevation -2 feet from finish grade Yd 114.9, M%9.8, Compaction: 95.1%

T3-elevation -2 feet from finish grade, Yd 116.0, M%11.5, Compaction: 96.0 %


Technician Signature / DateAminullah Azimi, January 14, 2023
Reviewer Name / DateRamchandra Mogulla, January 18, 2023