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Daily Field Report

Date :03/07/2023
Project No :2022C165
Client Company :Toll Bros. Inc.
Arrival Time :03/07/2023
Onsite Hours :
Name of the Project :Northfield @ Polo Fields - Phase2
Project Location :Pittman Road, Cumming, GA
Weather :sunny
Departure Time :03/07/2023
ASEC Technician Name :Russell Hendrix


As requested, the site was visited by our AS Engineering and Consulting (ASEC) representative noted above, for the purpose of providing quality control inspection and testing services, visual observation techniques were employed to assure compliance with project drawing/specifications.

A request was made for a site visit to Northfields Phase 2 to test compaction for backfill of a sewer installation.  Upon arrival it was observed that back fill had not been started due to some difficulty in pipe installation.  No work was completed.

Technician Signature / DateRussell Hendrix, March 7, 2023
Reviewer Name / DateKenneth Mosman, April 06, 2023