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Daily Field Report

Date :04/06/2023
Project No :2022C205
Client Company :Pulte
Arrival Time :04/06/2023
Onsite Hours :
Name of the Project :Enclave at Parkway Village
Project Location :Union City
Weather :sunny
Departure Time :04/06/2023
ASEC Technician Name :Russell Hendrix


As requested, the site was visited by our AS Engineering and Consulting (ASEC) representative noted above, for the purpose of providing quality control inspection and testing services, visual observation techniques were employed to assure compliance with project drawing/specifications.

A request was made for a footing inspection for Lot #42 at the Enclave.

It was observed that during the rebar inspection, no chairs were present for the wire mesh.  The wire mesh was sitting directly on the plastic barrier.  It was recommended to the foreman (Robert) to install chairs to allow for proper concrete cover.  After correction, rebar was found to meet job specifications for size, spacing and quantity.  The footing was probed with a 3/8-inch diameter rod and deemed acceptable.  Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCPs) tests were performed with the results below:

Area 1 (left Side/center of home)

1 ft – 11 – Red sandy silt

2ft – 10 – Red sandy silt

3 ft – 10 – Red sandy silt

4 ft – 14 – Red sandy silt

Area 2 (Back left side of home at corner)

Surface – 7 – Brown sandy silt

1 ft – 8 – Brown sandy silt

2 ft – 9 – Brown sandy silt

3 ft – 10 – Brown sandy silt

4 ft – 11 – Brown sandy silt.



Technician Signature / DateRussell Hendrix, April 6, 2023
Reviewer Name / DateKenneth Mosman, April 24, 2023