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Daily Field Report

Date :07/27/2023
Project No :2022C165
Client Company :Toll Bros. Inc.
Arrival Time :07/27/2023 14:00
Onsite Hours :03:00
Name of the Project :Northfield @ Polo Fields - Phase2
Project Location :Pittman Road, Cumming, GA
Weather :Sunny
Departure Time :07/27/2023 17:00
ASEC Technician Name :Vidal Dias


On July 27, 2023, the assigned ASEC representative was present on the Northfields Project site to observe and evaluate the ongoing work for adherence to the project plans, specifications, and standards.

The area of focus was just north of the new entrance being constructed, directly opposite the existing neighborhood entrance. The specified area measured approximately 23 feet wide and 225 feet long. An additional 12-inch depth of soil was removed in the sections where the waterline was repositioned.

During the visual inspection, two areas of deflection were detected directly adjacent to the road: one measuring 8 feet x 4 feet and another 25 feet x 6 feet. These areas are of concern as they could indicate possible soil stability issues.

In the process of working on these areas, an unmarked Xfinity internet line was accidentally severed.  Xfinity representatives were onsite and repaired the line.


  1. The contractor should exercise caution in the areas where utilities have been moved, including the sections where the waterline has been repositioned. Any additional excavation should be undertaken carefully.
  2. The areas of deflection identified should be addressed immediately to prevent any potential structural or stability issues.
  3. This incident emphasizes the importance of comprehensive utility locating before the start of excavation works. Contractors should verify the presence of any potential unmarked lines to avoid similar incidents in the future.
  4. Regular site inspections should continue to ensure all construction activities adhere to the project specifications and safety standards.


Technician Signature / DateVidal Dias, July 27, 2023
Reviewer Name / DateKenneth Mosman, September 15, 2023