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Daily Field Report

Date :07/28/2023
Project No :2022C165
Client Company :Toll Bros. Inc.
Arrival Time :07/28/2023 14:00
Onsite Hours :03:00
Name of the Project :Northfield @ Polo Fields - Phase2
Project Location :Pittman Road, Cumming, GA
Weather :Sunny
Departure Time :07/28/2023 17:00
ASEC Technician Name :Vidal Dias


Our ASEC representative was on site at the Northfields Project to observe and evaluate the ongoing work in accordance with project plans, specifications, and standards.

The area of focus for the day’s work was a section measuring 213 feet long, with widths varying from 8 feet near the southern portion to 3 feet near the northern portion.

A proof-roll was conducted over a 150-foot segment of this area. Proof-rolling was performed using a loaded, tandem-axled dump truck making parallel passes across the test area. No severe deflection, pumping or rutting was detected.


1. The successful completion of the proof roll in the 150-foot section.
2. We recommend that similar proof-roll tests be performed in the remaining 63-foot section.
3. The varying width of the construction area from the southern to the northern portion should be closely monitored during future works to ensure consistent and appropriate construction methodologies are applied.
4. Regular site inspections should continue to ensure all construction activities adhere to the project specifications and safety standards.


Technician Signature / DateVidal Dias, July 28, 2023
Reviewer Name / DateKenneth Mosman, August 02, 2023