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Daily Field Report

Date :08/25/2023
Project No :2022C218
Client Company :CW Matthews
Arrival Time :08/25/2023 14:00
Onsite Hours :05:00
Name of the Project :Ramp 20 Pavement Replacement - IFB-1230102
Project Location :HJAIA
Weather :sunny
Departure Time :08/25/2023 19:00
ASEC Technician Name :Aminullah Azimi


Upon request from the client’s representative, our undersigned AS ENGINEERING AND CONSULTING, LLC (ASEC) representative conducted a site visit to oversee and monitor the contractor’s work activities with a focus on ensuring quality. The aim was to guarantee compliance with project specifications, drawings, applicable codes, and materials submittals. Additionally, quality control (QC) testing was conducted in accordance with the project’s plans and specifications. The following on-site observations were made during this shift:

  1. A proof-roll observation was carried out in the Ramp 20, Northwest corner (measuring 120’x164′) area of phase 2.
  2. For the proof-roll, a fully loaded tandem-axled dump truck was utilized. The truck made multiple passes across the subgrade in the aforementioned area.
  3. Severe yielding and deflection were not observed during the proof-roll across most of the mentioned areas. However, there were exceptions in three smaller areas. These areas are identified as follows: area A = 1044 square feet, area B = 412 square feet, and area C = 47 square feet. These areas are highlighted with the label “Yalow” on the provided picture or plan.

The specific issues were noted in the following locations:

  • Area A: Issues were identified in an area measuring 1044 square feet. The coordinates for this area are N 9825.4, E 11743.0; N 9823.2, E 11766.5; N 9779.4, E 11766.6; N 9776.83, E 11742.65.
  • Area B: Irregularities were found in an area spanning 412 square feet. The coordinates for this area are N 9825.2, E 11781.5; N 9822.5, E 11813.1; N 9809.5, E 11811.7; N 9811.9, E 11781.0.
  • Area C: Deficiencies were identified in an area of 47 square feet. The coordinates for this area are N 97883.5, E 11838.2; N 9786.0, E 11846.5; N 9776.3, E 11844.7; N 9778.1, E 11837.4.

In light of these observations, it was recommended to address the issues by excavating to a depth of 6 inches and replacing the compromised areas with suitable compacted fill.

During the proof-roll observation, our representative was joined by individuals from ATLQA (including Thomas) and ATLNext (represented by Brylyn). Additionally, a straightedge assessment was performed at Ramp 2, phase 13.

Technician Signature / DateAminullah Azimi, August 25, 2023
Reviewer Name / DateRamchandra Mogulla, August 28, 2023