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Daily Field Report

Date :01/02/2024
Project No :2023C201
Client Company :Artisan Built Communities
Arrival Time :01/02/2024 08:00
Onsite Hours :06:00
Name of the Project :Jasons Walk - Era Drive
Project Location :Era Drive, Cumming, GA
Weather :sunny
Departure Time :01/02/2024 14:00
ASEC Technician Name :Vidal Dias


The undersigned ASEC representative was on site as requested by the Client and/or Contractor to observe contractor’s field activities. Visual observation techniques were employed to evaluate work in-place for general compliance with the Project Plans, Specifications, Codes and Standards, and Material Submittals.

Overview and Observations

During the site visit on January 2, 2024, key activities included conducting a moisture content test and observing site preparation activities. The in-place moisture content was found to be 30.2%, which is above the optimum level of 20.6%. Consequently, soil placement activities were suspended. Instead, the contractor focused on preparing the green space behind Lots #20-25, as marked in red on the attached drawing. Scarification and aeration of the high moisture soils should be performed prior to their use as fill.

Moisture Test Results

  • Test Conducted: On-site moisture content measurement.
  • Results: Moisture content recorded at 30.2%, exceeding the optimum of 20.6%.

Site Preparation Activities

  • Location: Green space behind lots 20-25.
  • Activity Observed: Site preparation in response to current soil conditions.

Technician Signature / DateVidal Dias, January 2, 2024
Reviewer Name / DateKenneth Mosman, March 09, 2024