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Daily Field Report

Date :03/12/2024
Project No :2024C112
Client Company :SR Homes
Arrival Time :03/12/2024
Onsite Hours :
Name of the Project :Sterlington
Project Location :Canton
Weather :overcast
Departure Time :03/12/2024
ASEC Technician Name :Russell Hendrix


As requested, the site was visited by our AS Engineering and Consulting (ASEC) representative for the purpose of providing quality control inspection and testing services.  Visual observation techniques were employed to verify compliance with project drawing/specifications, applicable codes, and materials submittals. The following observations were observed on site this day.

Date of Visit: March 12, 2024

Purpose: The purpose of the visit was to conduct compaction testing at the site.  A request by on site manager was made the previous day.

Observations: Upon arrival at the site on March 12, 2024, it was observed that no work was being conducted except for the hauling off of mulch. The following key observations were made:

  1. Absence of Work Activity:
    • No construction or site work was in progress during the visit.
    • The only observable activity was the removal of mulch from the site.
  2. Communication with Site Superintendent:
    • A call was made to the site superintendent to inquire about the absence of work.
    • It was communicated that the crew assigned to the project was deployed to another site for the day, resulting in the lack of activity at the current site.

Actions Taken: Given the absence of work activity and the crew’s deployment to another project, the following actions were taken:

  1. Rescheduling of Compaction Testing:
    • Compaction testing scheduled for the day was not feasible due to the absence of construction activity.
    • Efforts will be made to reschedule the compaction testing for a later date when work activity resumes at the site.

Conclusion: The site visit on March 12, 2024, revealed a lack of construction activity at the site, with the crew being deployed to another project for the day. As a result, compaction testing could not be conducted as scheduled. Rescheduling of testing will be necessary once work activity resumes at the site.

Empty site

Technician Signature / DateRussell Hendrix, March 12, 2024
Reviewer Name / DateKenneth Mosman, March 17, 2024