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Daily Field Report

Date :03/22/2024
Project No :2021C002
Client Company :CW Matthews
Arrival Time :03/22/2024 15:00
Onsite Hours :04:00
Name of the Project :Runway 9L End Around Taxiway
Project Location :HJAIA
Weather :sunny
Departure Time :03/22/2024 19:00
ASEC Technician Name :Aminullah Azimi


At the request of the client’s representative, our AS ENGINEERING AND CONSULTING, LLC (ASEC) representative, Amin Azimi visited the job site to observe the contractor’s work activities from a quality standpoint to verify compliance with project drawings/specifications, applicable codes, and materials submittals and conducted QC testing per the project drawings and specifications.  The following observations were made during our evaluation:

performed the DCP tests for at end around for bend 15 and bent 19,

A hand auger and DCP tests were performed to determine the properties of the soil.

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (ASTM STP-399): This test was conducted to assess the soil’s compaction and bearing capacity. The results showed that the subgrade at the test locations, we couldn’t go below by Hand auger and DCP, tests were performed in serval places but refused, because GAB was compacted

DCP1                                                               DCP2

Depth (Feet) Blows per 3/4″ Increment Depth (Feet) Blows per 3/4″ Increment
1 35 1 34

Technician Signature / DateAminullah Azimi, March 22, 2024