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Daily Field Report

Date :04/16/2024
Project No :2024C112
Client Company :SR Homes
Arrival Time :04/16/2024
Onsite Hours :
Name of the Project :Sterlington
Project Location :Canton
Weather :overcast
Departure Time :04/16/2024
ASEC Technician Name :Russell Hendrix


At the request of the client’s representative, our AS ENGINEERING AND CONSULTING, LLC (ASEC) representative visited the job site to observe and monitor the contractor’s work activities from a quality standpoint to assure compliance with project drawings/specifications, applicable codes, and materials submittals and conducted QC testing per the project drawings and specifications.  The following observations were made on site this shift:

Summary: A call from the site superintendent prompted an investigation into a secondary buried pit located at the rear of the property, adjacent to future building lots 14 and 15, near Sterlington Drive. The pit contained burned organic material buried beneath 5 feet of fill, reaching approximately 15 feet deep. The affected area measured approximately 48 feet x 65 feet x 12 feet (as depicted in the blue area on the attached plan). Debris removal occurred the day before, as indicated by the accompanying photographs. The area has been refilled with quality structural material, with the surplus material currently stored onsite. The intention is to sift through this material to eliminate sizable stumps and large organic matter. The finer material will be distributed over the site as topsoil, while the larger organic pieces will be transported offsite.

Additionally, a lift was installed at a depth of minus 4 feet from the surface, extending from Station 15+50 to 17+00 under the proposed Sterlington Drive (refer to the attached photo). A Komatsu PC360 excavator was employed while a Caterpillar CP105 ride-on vibratory sheep’s foot compactor was utilized for soil compaction.

Compaction Testing: A Troxler 3430 (Serial #30942) with an optimum Density-Moisture relationship (Proctor) of 94.8 Dry Density (DD) and 25% Moisture (M) was utilized for compaction testing.

  • Test #1 yielded a Dry Density (DD) of 94.3 and Moisture (M) content of 18.9% at Station 16+75.
  • Test #2 recorded a DD of 75.9 and M of 17.2% at Station 15+75.
  • Initial findings indicated that compaction was not achieved, necessitating a recommendation for additional compaction efforts.

Upon completion, retesting was conducted:

  • Retest #1 resulted in a DD of 82.4 and M of 20% at Station 16+25. (87% compaction) was prompting another recommendation for further compaction.
  • Retest #2 recorded a DD of 84.3 and M of 18.5% at Station 16+00. Similar to the previous retest (89% compaction), additional compaction is recommended to meet desired specifications.

An observation was made in regard to delivered Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP) from another Fritz project.  A discussion was held with the superintendent. An agreement was made no damaged RCP would be used on this project.  (see photo)

Conclusion: No further observations were made on this day. Any areas still deficient in compaction will undergo further work and testing the following day before proceeding with the backfill process.

Burry pit (2nd found on site) location marked in Blue

Burry pit debris after removal front view

burry pit debris after removal side view


Damaged RCP

RCP delivered from another job

Technician Signature / DateRussell Hendrix, April 16, 2024
Reviewer Name / DateRamchandra Mogulla, April 29, 2024