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Daily Field Report

Date :04/16/2024
Project No :2024C116
Client Company :Peeples Owner, LLC
Arrival Time :04/16/2024
Onsite Hours :
Name of the Project :Peeples Valley Rd, Overlook at Pettit
Project Location :Cartersville
Weather :overcast
Departure Time :04/16/2024
ASEC Technician Name :Russell Hendrix


At the request of the client’s representative, our AS ENGINEERING AND CONSULTING, LLC (ASEC) representative visited the job site to observe and monitor the contractor’s work activities from a quality standpoint to assure compliance with project drawings/specifications, applicable codes, and materials submittals and conducted QC testing per the project drawings and specifications.  The following observations were made on site this shift:

Summary: An initial site visit was conducted to gather a laboratory sample aimed at determining the optimum density-moisture relationship (proctor) for the various soil types present on-site. The collected sample was subsequently taken to the laboratory for analysis. Additionally, a meeting was held with Dalton, the on-site foreman, to discuss soil lift sizes and related recommendations for efficient compaction practices.

Meeting Highlights: During the meeting with Dalton, the following points were discussed:

  1. Soil Lift Sizes Recommendation:
    • A recommendation was made to limit soil lifts to a maximum of 6 inches for trench packer compaction.
    • For more extensive compaction efforts using a ride-on vibratory sheep’s foot compactor, a maximum soil lift size of 12 inches was advised.


  • Topsoil removal was observed during the site visit.
  • No other significant observations were made during this visit.

Conclusion: The initial site visit and subsequent meeting provided valuable insights into soil compaction practices and lift size considerations. Implementing the recommended lift sizes will contribute to efficient compaction efforts and ensure the stability and integrity of the construction site.


excavating for proctor

Technician Signature / DateRussell Hendrix, April 16, 2024