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Our Services

Geotechnical and Geological Studies

Geotechnical engineering is a specialized branch of civil engineering that deals with the properties and science of soil, rock and water, their location and interaction with each other and eventually the planned development.

It is a multi-disciplinary field that blends scientific analyses with the experience of the engineer to find practical solutions to problems encountered during planning, design and construction phases of the project.

ASEC provides quality professional engineering and testing services for the purpose of supporting consulting engineering firms, architects, contractors, developers, and government agencies and to make well informed decisions during the life of the project.

Our professional staff has numerous years of experience in conducting geotechnical engineering services and any and all work performed by ASEC is done so under the supervision of a Professional Engineer licensed to practice in the State of Georgia.

Other Geotechnical Engineering Services Include the following and much more.

Subsurface Explorations to assist Site Selection
Borrow material assessment
Foundation Design Recommendations
Earth Retaining Systems Design
Slope Stability Analysis
Dewatering Recommendation
Soil Stabilization Design
Specification Development
Foundation Inspections
Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring
Construction Monitoring and Engineering Support

Environmental Engineering Services

AS Engineering and Consulting, LLC n combination with its industry leading partners, provide due diligence services during the site selection process and provide additional pre and post service testing during development cycle of the project.

Our Environmental Engineering Services Include the following and much more. Please call or send in your inquiries if you have any additional questions or requirement of a service that is not mentioned below.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
Phase II Environmental Testing
Property Condition Assessments
Asbestos Survey
Desktop Environmental Report
Transaction Screen Assessment

Construction Material testing and Inspection services

ASEC works with owners, engineers and contractors to implement engineering recommendations to provide accurate analyses of component materials. ASEC provides supervision to assure project specifications and quality assurance objectives are met or exceeded.

The knowledge of how the variety of materials to be used will perform is the key to the success of any project. Thus, QC/QA testing and inspection services during construction have become increasingly important as a result of the rapid technological expansion of construction methods and materials.

Quality assurance and materials testing provides the evidence needed to establish confidence to all concerned that the materials and techniques used are accomplished under the standards required by the design team.

ASEC is a pre-qualified consultant to perform work in area class 6.04(b)-Field Testing of Roadway Construction Materials.

Our team has experience working on Georgia Department of Transportation and City of Atlanta, on both design build and in-house projects in support roles. Several of these projects included Construction Material Testing of roadway components in accordance with GDOT testing standards and methodologies and by GDOT certified Roadway Testing Technicians.

ASEC provides dedicated and responsive construction materials testing services. Our engineers and technicians are equipped with vast experience and resources to give each project the attention and detail that is necessary. Construction materials in which we have extensive experience and knowledge include:

Geotextile, geogrid
Roofing systems
Pipe (metal, concrete, plastic)
Steel (rebar, welding, bolts)
Pavement markings

Our Partners